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CH 1 - Welcome to the Spirit World

After his death, Ramune-kun's soul wakes up in a mysterious place.

CH 2 -Barry's flashback

Barry tells what happened in the Bajalu jungle and at the Mount Moon. After the deadly plague.

CH 3 -The first night

The first night is the most ruthless. Every new spirits have to go through the moment of their death over and over again, and accept it.

CH 4 -Troublemakers

New day, new adventures. However, Barry and Ramune manages to cause trouble, and they both experience, that there are interesting laws in the spirit world. Meanwhile, in the world of mortals, Zarena swears revenge. But what about the old wolf, who talked with the Mountain Spirit? Who is he?

CH 5 -The Agency

Higeoyaji, the only survivor of the adventure, returns to the agency to fulfill Ramune's will. However, along the way, he stumbles upon new mysteries. He finds a weird book, with a name on it, Magnus Carianuss. And he begins an investigation into the legend of the Igaru's.

CH 6 -The Storm

Now, that the Igaru of death has taken form and Magnus has managed to unite his powers, the spirit world may be in danger. However, the new Igaru is still weak. And the darkness is getting hungry. They need the power of the prince to defeat them. But, when will the prince's soul incarnate and be reborn?